JAE Furniture provides a 1-year warranty on all products listed on its website, subject to specific terms and conditions. Please note that claims made under this warranty will not be considered in the following situations: 

  1. Normal or routine wear and tear. 
  2. Significant changes in appearance, durability, quality, behavior, colorfastness, or any other attribute. 
  3. Color, grain, or texture variations in wood, laminate, and other covering materials. 
  4. Changes in wood or fabric color are caused by aging or exposure to light. 
  5. Damage or failure resulting from product modification, self-repair, alteration, misuse, or abuse. 
  6. Defects or damage caused by covering product tops with glass or other foreign materials. 
  7. Our products are intricately woven and handcrafted, and over time, hand weaving may loosen due to weight issues, which are not covered under warranty. 
  8. Exposure of the product to running water or any other liquid. 

Claims that fall under the aforementioned categories are not eligible for warranty coverage. The final decision on warranty-related claims related to the above situations will be made by JAE Furniture’s expert team, and it will be conclusive and binding. 

These exceptions are specific to our warranty policy. If you have any other complaints, please contact our grievance redressal cell at [email protected].