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Prerak Wooden Wall Shelf Book Shelf (Honey)

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Save 11,149.00 (74%)

Utiva Wooden Carved Book Shelf Display Unit (White Antique)

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Save 33,419.00 (45%)

Utiva Wooden Carved Book Shelf Display Unit (White Distress)

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Save 36,894.00 (47%)

Aaina Wooden Distress Carved Book Shelf (Distress)

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Save 41,349.00 (49%)

Boat Wooden Distress Book Shelf (Distress)

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Save 32,016.00 (64%)

Revek Wooden Book Shelf Cupboard (Cream)

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Save 50,080.00 (40%)

Yita Wooden Book Shelf for Storage (Brown)

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Wonse Wooden Antique Distress Cupboard (White Distress)

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Save 25,149.00 (39%)

Prima Wooden Carved Book Shelf (White Distress)

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Save 31,019.00 (41%)

Prima Wooden Carved Book Shelf (White Distress)

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Save 30,519.00 (42%)

Sartha Wooden Distress Carved Book Shelf With Cabinet (White)

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Save 26,513.00 (39%)

Shimoy Wooden Handpainted Book Shelf (Blue)

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Shimoy Wooden Handpainted Book Shelf (Green)

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Afima Wooden Carved Vintage Cupboard (Vintage White)

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Fames Wooden Carved Book Shelf Display Rack (White Distress)

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Remea Wooden Carved Display Rack (Grey Distress)

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Kifa Wooden Storage Cupboard (Cream)

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Tivan Wooden Storage Cupboard (Teak)

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Wikt Wooden Storage Glass Cupboard (Brown)

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Save 25,788.00 (37%)

Elegant Wooden Display Units by JAE Furniture: Where Functionality Meets Artistry

When it comes to showcasing your favorite collectibles, memorabilia, or even your cherished books, nothing does it better than a display unit. And what better place to find the perfect one than JAE Furniture? As purveyors of fine wooden furniture, JAE Furniture understands that a display unit is more than just a functional piece – it's a reflection of your personal style and taste.

With the era witnessing a revival in wooden craftsmanship, JAE Furniture proudly presents its range of wooden display units, blending age-old artistry with modern functionality. Our display units, including the intricately carved ones, are crafted to perfection, guaranteeing not just longevity but also a piece that adds character to your room.

The Enigma of Carved Wooden Display Units

Carved wooden display units are not just furniture; they're a testament to art and craftsmanship. Every curve, every design is meticulously etched, telling a tale of dedication and passion. At JAE Furniture, our carved wooden units come alive with stories, ensuring that they become conversation starters in your home.

From detailed floral patterns to more abstract designs, our carved units offer a diverse range to cater to varied aesthetic preferences. The finesse of the carving ensures that the unit doesn't overshadow the items on display but rather complements them.

Bookshelf with Doors: The Classic Essential

A bookshelf with doors is an age-old favorite and for a good reason. Not only does it allow you to flaunt your collection, but the doors also offer protection from dust and direct sunlight. JAE Furniture's range of bookshelves with doors seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality.

The wooden finish imparts an earthy feel, ensuring the bookshelf fits perfectly in any decor – be it modern or traditional. The spacious shelves ensure you have ample space to store your books, trophies, or other decor items.

Why Choose JAE Furniture's Display Units?

  • Quality Craftsmanship:Our wooden display units are crafted with precision, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Versatility:From cupboards to bookshelves, our range caters to all your display needs.
  • Customization:At JAE Furniture, we understand that every home is unique. Hence, we offer customization options to ensure your display unit fits perfectly in your space.
  • Timeless Designs:Our designs, especially the carved ones, are timeless, ensuring they remain relevant and never go out of style.

In addition to display units, JAE Furniture boasts a diverse range of living room furniture sets to cater to every need and aesthetic preference.


Q 1. Do the display units come pre-assembled?

Most of our display units come pre-assembled. However, some may require minimal assembly which can be easily done with the provided instructions.

Q 2. Can I get a display unit customized to my specifications?

Yes, JAE Furniture offers customization options for display units. You can contact our team with your requirements.

Q 3. How do I care for my carved wooden display unit?

Regular dusting using a soft cloth is recommended. For deeper cleaning, use a wood-friendly cleaner. Avoid direct sunlight to maintain the wood's natural color.

Q 4. Are the bookshelves with doors lockable?

Some models come with lockable doors. You can check the product description or contact our team for specifics.

Q 5. What is the return policy for display units?

We have a detailed return policy available on our website. In general, returns are accepted within a specific period, provided the unit is undamaged and in its original condition.