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Wiphe Wooden Drink Cabinet Bar Counter (Light Green Distress)

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Save 33,733.00 (49%)

Wiphe Wooden Drink Cabinet Bar Counter (Teal Distress)

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Save 33,733.00 (49%)

Wiphe Wooden Drink Cabinet Bar Counter (White Distress)

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Save 33,733.00 (49%)

Boat Wooden Rustic Bar unit

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Save 25,149.00 (56%)

Dine Wooden Rustic Finish Bar Counter Cabinet

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Save 30,234.00 (46%)

Sevin Wooden Bar Cabinet (Cream)

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Save 33,959.00 (41%)

Jett Wooden Rustic Bar Cabinet in White Antique Finish

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Save 26,209.00 (31%)

Janie Wooden Reclaimed Bar Unit Cabinet

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Save 28,891.00 (48%)

Kumase Wooden Brass Fitted Bar Cabinet Antique (Honey)

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Save 54,914.00 (43%)

Adroi Wooden Bar Unit Storage Cabinet (Walnut)

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Save 44,180.00 (36%)

Hiban Wooden Bar Cabinet for Living Room (Walnut)

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Save 35,149.00 (47%)

Dome Wooden Large Bar Counter Cabinet (White Distress)

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Save 56,508.40 (40%)

Eina Wooden Bar Counter Cabinet (White Distress)

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Save 33,312.60 (43%)

Sapesa Wooden Carved Distress Bar Cabinet (Cream Distress)

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Save 83,687.10 (68%)

Sapesa Wooden Carved Distress Bar Cabinet (White Distress)

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Save 83,687.10 (68%)

Suyas Wooden Carved Bar Cabinet with Marble Top (Natural)

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Save 31,556.00 (47%)

Jeken Wooden Bar Unit (Dark Walnut)

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Save 24,149.00 (38%)

Opaque Wooden Rattan Door Bar Unit (Light Walnut)

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Save 28,159.00 (47%)

Sekia Wooden Bar Cabinet (Light Walnut)

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Save 28,862.00 (47%)

Cana Wooden Rattan Bar Cabinet with Marble Top (Natural)

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Save 37,284.00 (46%)

Ekina Wooden Antique Bar Cabinet (Teak)

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Save 38,510.00 (48%)

JAE Furniture: The Place to Find the Best Bar Cabinets

If you're looking for the perfect bar cabinet to liven up your space, JAE Furniture has exactly what you need. Their modern wooden bar cabinets come in a variety of styles and colors, ensuring you can find something that fits your unique taste. Whether it's a unique corner bar cabinet to add even more character or just a timeless design that's sure to impress all your friends, JAE Furniture comes ready with high-quality and affordable options to help make happy hour extra special.

Bar Cabinets: The New Must-Have Home Furnishing

A bar cabinet is an excellent way to spruce up any home, whether it's modern or traditional. These corner pieces add a touch of sophistication and class to any kitchen or dining area with their either wooden construction or sleek, modern design. They make perfect conversation starters, while also providing ample storage space in the form of drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Whether you want a vintage look from the past or a contemporary piece for the present day, there's sure to be a bar cabinet that fits the exact purpose you're looking for.

The Benefits of a Wooden Bar Cabinet for Your Home

A wooden bar cabinet is a perfect addition to any home bar setup.
Its timeless design adds style and sophistication to any space and can remain a staple in your decor for years to come. While there are many types of bar cabinet options available, wooden cabinets are especially popular due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and classic look. While traditional wooden models offer classic style and storage for bottles or stemware, modern bar cabinets can feature LED lighting, components for audio/video entertainment, integrated ice buckets, and wine racks. Whether you opt for the classic look or a more modern design with enhanced features, a bar cabinet is sure to take your home entertainment system to the next level.

Why choose JAE Furniture for modern bar cabinets?

If you’re looking for a great bar cabinet, JAE Furniture is an excellent option. Our wooden bar cabinets are stylish and timeless, and our modern bar cabinets are sleek and chic. Each piece is handcrafted with the finest materials to ensure excellent quality and durability. With beautiful ornamentation, accents, and detailing, you can find the perfect piece that fits your décor while creating a classy and sophisticated space to enjoy drinks with friends or family. Furthermore, the JAE Furniture team is always available to answer any questions you may have when shopping for the perfect bar cabinet. All in all, JAE Furniture is the best choice when considering quality furniture for your home bar setup.

JAE Furniture also provides a premium collection of other dining room furniture including - wooden bar chairs, kitchen bar chairs, bar counter chair, metal bar chairs, wooden drawer cabinet, wooden crockery cabinet, sideboard cabinet, wooden chair for dining table, and dining room sideboard.


Q 1. What styles of bar cabinets does JAE Furniture offer?

We offer a diverse collection ranging from modern wooden bar cabinets to unique corner bar cabinets in various styles and colors tailored to fit your decor.

Q 2. Are the modern bar cabinets at JAE Furniture equipped with advanced features?

Yes, some of our modern bar cabinets come with features like LED lighting, integrated ice buckets, wine racks, and even components for audio/video entertainment.

Q 3. How do I maintain and care for my wooden bar cabinet?

General maintenance is simple: dust regularly with a soft cloth and clean any spills immediately. For detailed care instructions specific to your cabinet's finish, please consult our customer service.

Q 4. Can I customize a bar cabinet order according to my specifications?

Absolutely! At JAE Furniture, we understand the need for personal touches. You can discuss customization options in terms of size, finish, and design with our team.

Q 5. How long will it take for my bar cabinet to be delivered?

We prioritize quick dispatch. However, delivery times can vary based on the specifics of the order and your location. Rest assured, we aim to get your purchase to you as swiftly as possible.

Q 6. What sets JAE Furniture's bar cabinets apart from other furniture stores?

Our dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and unique designs ensures that every piece you purchase from us stands out. We handcraft each cabinet using the finest materials, ensuring longevity and style.

Q 7. Do you offer any other furniture pieces to complement my bar cabinet?

Yes, JAE Furniture offers a premium collection of dining room furniture such as wooden bar chairs, kitchen bar chairs, and more, making it easy to create a cohesive look in your space.

Q 8. Is there a warranty on the bar cabinets from JAE Furniture?

We stand by the quality of our products. Each bar cabinet comes with a specific warranty. For detailed information, please refer to the product description or contact our customer service team.

We aim to make your shopping experience smooth and satisfying. For any further inquiries, our dedicated customer service team is always eager to assist.